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When you are starting out on your first iPhone UI design project, it’s best to keep things simple. But instead of aiming for a quick start with Adobe Photo shop, you will increase your chances of success by following a methodical path to your first iPhone UI design.

1. Clarity

Do you have a clear idea regarding the main function of you app? Do you know who your target audience is? Based on these two core ideas, prepare a brief mission statement for your app. Based on this statement decide whether your app should have a ‘fun’ or ‘utility’ design.

2. Color and Graphics

In case you are planning iPhone UI design for a ‘utility’ app which is data-heavy, you are better off using a minimal color palette. If you are designing the UI for an iPhone game or entertainment app, you have a greater scope for deploying a pleasant kaleidoscope of colors. But unless the app demands it, you’d be better off using modest colors and graphics. Use your discretion.

3. Wire-framing

Jot down your wire-framing ideas on paper first (if it’s your first iPhone UI design project). Get into the iPhone user’s shoes and see what gestures they need to make to change screens, go from portrait mode to landscape mode, refresh the app and perform other functions. In case the application you are working on necessitates extensive use of touch and tap, you will need to work out the space for touch gestures and buttons. Keep in mind that.

4. Getting to the heart of the matter

Study your favorite apps and see what makes them click. The best apps are marked by the designer’s attention to detail, they manage to look attractive without distracting the user, and they use simple colors in combination with subtle gradients to create a realistic effect. Keeping in mind the UI and core function of your app, add details like highlighted text, internal custom apps, glossy effects, and tactile backgrounds to make your app look sleek and enticing.

5. Adding icons

The icon is your app’s logo: it is the image the user will forever associate with your app. Try and use a single small and symbolic images for your app icon. Using text in the icon wouldn’t make sense as the size of your icon on the user’s mobile is too small. Also keep in mind that a larger version of your icon will be displayed on the Apple Store.

Finally step: Getting into the Apple Store

Once your iPhone UI design is ready, the app will have to pass through the rigorous and slightly puzzling app approval process for Apple Store. You can increase your chances of approval by avoiding use of stock icons and images, and by using only iPhone SDK along with Cocoa and Objective C.

Things should be changed with time lines as design strategies will change. If you are looking for any Use Interface Design tutorials then contact me at ios4developer [at] gmail [dot] com, i will assist you with my experience and knowledge.

iPhone is spreading its wings by offering latest version of iPhone 4s and you can see how powerfully it is flying over the world's global market. Sales of the new iPhone 4S exceeded $4 million during its first three days. Its not only the iPhone lovers wanted it as you can see the government agencies are also stepping in to get ahead with the immense technology.

With the latest iOS version it is offering much more facility so that you can swap time and processes efficiently without any haste. With the SIRI interactive features it has become very efficient to process many things with interactions.

You can see the benefits of this incredible device in entertainment and communications as well as in medical fields including many others. Mobile medical applications are available and you can subscribe any of them which you needed. If you need any specific medical apps for your iPhone 4s device you can even outsource app through hiring experts apps developers/programmings.

Just need to contact us and our experts will guide you as well as assist you well.
The world of iPhone technology is spinning very fast, and you need to run fast just to stand still. Apple is not going to stop concentrating on innovation any time soon, and you need to run to keep pace with Apple's bold strides. Users are making a beeline for the new iOS 5. It won't be long before apple bans apps that do not have support for iOS 5.

Also, it is important for you as an app developer or owner to ensure that you app appeals to a larger number of people. The new iOS has over 200 new features that make it possible to develop apps that offer a lot more than their previous counterparts. Today, your app can take advantage of groundbreaking innovations like an improved Safari browser, a revamped game center, and Siri. Apps that fail to make the most out of these novel features will not be able to compete.

All the new apps to hit Apple app store will provide the user with the benefits of the new iOS version. Consequently, it is important for your to upgrade your existing apps to iOS 5. In order to stay in the race, not only will you have to make your apps compatible to iOS 5, but you will also have to find a way to take full advantage of the new features.

The only snag is that it is not easy to find developers who can do this. iOS 5 is a very recent innovation, and only those programmers who possess a keen understanding of the iOS can deliver good results. You need the services of an experience team of developers who have already created a number of apps for diverse Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

iPhone4AppsDeveloper is a team of enthusiastic and innovative developers. We have been involved with iPhone apps developments since that ball started rolling, and we have grown to possess strong knowledge and experience in iOS 5 development. Get in touch to find out how we can upgrade your apps to iOS 5.
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